Why Even Open a Flower Shop?

Why even open a flower shop? Has it been your dream? Maybe you have worked for a shop and decided you want your own store. Perhaps you want to own your own business and not work for others. Possibly the flower business is a business you think you can do. Many people would like to own their own flower shop.

Owning your own flower shop is a business that is very achievable. With a little money and hopefully a lot of talent opening that store can be realized. Dreaming of opening your own Flower Shop Riviera Beach is probably the result of many factors. Here are some reasons of why you may want to begin a journey of designing beautiful flowers and serving people.

1. The flower business is a service industry. Helping and sharing with people their life situations can be rewarding. Helping your customers create the perfect birthday or anniversary or celebrating the birth of a child is satisfying and most definitely a worthwhile job if we are going to do any.

2. Becoming a florist allows us to become a part of our community in which we live. We are all human. Florists are there to help with the human factor of our customers. It is gratifying to be able to help others in the moments of their lives.

3. It is very rewarding to see the happiness of people receiving flowers. Observing the surprise, the awe, the beauty that we get from these people is just a wonderful part of being a florist. We get to add cheer to the lives of those to whom we deliver. What better way to spend your time and vocation? People want to see us! They want our delivery van in front of their house.

4. Creativity is a big part of being a florist. The work we do allows us to be creative and have our creativity serve a purpose. It is like selling our art and creations on a daily basis. No starving artists in this business!

5. As a florist and designer we get to work with different mediums. We work with fresh flowers, dried flowers, silk flowers, or a combination thereof. Live green plants, blooming plants, cacti, succulents, even silk plants are part of our repertoire of materials with which we get to work. Our designs and “artwork” are limitless. Every day is different in the flower business.

6. People in our community rely on us to bridge their problems with others. Somehow, sometimes, flowers do say it all. We can help. Furthermore, along with people’s problems, there is a trust issue people have towards florists. We deal on a day-to-day basis with other people’s “sticky” situations and we have a duty to keep an understood silence. Most florists are trusted and relied upon to help work out the issues of others.

7. What’s more, let’s not forget the beauty in which we get to do our jobs. Even though a flower shop can get very busy and hectic, the beauty within which we work is extremely satisfying in itself.

The flower business is a win-win business; for us as owners and for our customers. This business is hard work. It takes time and devotion to build your shop. The hours in which you work may be long. All in all, the flower business is a great business to work, to live, to build friends, and to be part of a community. It is a worthy goal and a worthwhile vocation.