The Lion King’s Telecom Management Wisdom

Recently while watching the film The Lion King mesmerize my granddaughter, the Lion King (Mustafa) offered his young cub Simba some wonderful words of wisdom:”You have not yet become what you will be!” This is a powerful truth, often overlooked by management, and yet can relate easily to your company’s telecom/wireless management teams telecom expense and asset management. Given the right tools combined with determination and training, your management teams can produce maximized savings and optimal efficiencies that cannot be replicated through their own diligence. In effect: Becoming all they can be.

Bring your telecom management team into the 21st Century and give them Yealink Phones what they need to discover cost savings your company requires to stay competitive. Or better yet, get a competitive advantage on rival businesses in this vital indirect spend category. If your team is not using best-in-class software for automating inventory, expense optimization, procurement/Help Desk, invoice and payment management, your telecom/wireless management teams Have not yet become what they could be!

Consider these Seven Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

The Aberdeen Group describes the following Seven KPI’s and demonstrates your wireless/telecom management team’s function optimally when companies carry out best-in-class Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions with these terrific outcomes:

Best-in-class companies exhibited the following characteristics:

  • 45 percent average productivity increase for fixed invoice reconciliation, audit and disputes
  • 41 percent average productivity increase for fixed procurement and service order tracking
  • 42 percent average productivity increase for mobile invoice reconciliation, audit and disputes
  • 40 percent average productivity increase for mobile procurement and service order tracking

Another report, Execute on Wireless Expense Management to Drive ROI, showed that best-in-class companies accomplished a:

  • 31 percent decrease in the cost of monthly wireless voice services
  • 24 percent decrease in the cost of monthly wireless data services
  • 26 percent decrease in the cost of managing devices

You have management teams in place. Help them to help your company achieve optimal results and become what they can be.

Just Think What Your Management Teams Must Do To Optimally Manage Your Wireline and Wireless Assets.

A business’ telecom management team must be able to track all wireline and wireless assets from inception to elimination (with hopes accuracy has been fully maintained), analyzing all telecom invoices covering every vendor while examining each asset. Optimizing/Validating:

  • contract compliance while optimizing each plan/asset monthly
  • all zero or low use assets of each service offering. Examples – identifying data, voice, texting on a wireless device
  • all feature and/or plan options, flagging those assets not needed or used
  • vendor invoices while demonstrating all negotiated and available discounts are correctly occurring
  • feature options are on the best plans without over-charges
  • recommended changes while tracking all moves, adds, changes, and deletions
  • while all corporate policies are followed

Once each telecom asset is optimized, correctly processing the invoices while preparing them for prompt payment, as your team takes into account all asset assignments and cost centers, This is all required for best-in-class TEM/WEM management.

Expense Optimization Results

Our experience indicates, your telecom management team results are reflective of their telephony expertise, time available/spent optimizing with or without automating tools for managing these vital assets.

  • Your expense and asset optimization results will undoubtedly fall into one of the following categories:
  • worst case scenario; excessive time spent for less or no real savings
  • excessive man-hours achieving optimal savings results (dramatically reducing ROI)
  • best case scenario; least amount of man-hours spent to achieve best possible savings.
  • Unfortunately for many companies the worst case scenario is quite typical.


Efficient Telecom/Wireless Expense Management (TEM/WEM)

This is when your telecom management team becomes what it can be! Your company providing telephony training (or smart-sourcing to a TEM/WEM solution provider) utilizing a best-in-class automated software solution will move your telecom management team to the coveted best-in-class designation with optimal savings while providing valuable time-saving efficiencies.

Is your current telecom/wireless management team equipped and prepared to become all your organization has determined that they should be?

Let me know how I can help your organization successfully accomplish telecom/wireless savings your telecom team properly assisted would love to achieve.

Gary is the Business Development Manager for Integrity Communications. With a wealth of telecom marketing experience, Gary provides useful insights for those seeking help with various telecom cost reduction strategies as they work to improve their telecom teams efficiencies concerning their business’ telecom environment.