Star Trek Halloween Costumes – Transcend Generations and Galaxies

It’s almost that time of year again. Halloween is just around the corner. To get the best costume, you need to start thinking about putting together an outfit now. It might be fun for the kids to dress up as freaky Frankensteins and wicked witches, but why not opt for a science fiction themed costume this year?

There is loads of inspiration to choose from. Whether you want to make your own costume or buy or hire a specially made one, there are hundreds of Halloween get ups you could wear. Star Trek Halloween costumes are one of the simplest and most effective sci-fi outfits to get hold of. There are loads of characters to choose from!

Taking inspiration from Star Trek: The Next Generation, you could create the perfect Halloween costume. For men and boys there cell phone cases are the obvious options of Spock, Captain Kirk, and Bones. Star Trek Halloween costumes don’t need to be overly complicated and are great fun to wear, as well as being much more practical wearing a sheet over your head or painting your entire body green.

Mr. Spock is a favorite Star Trek Halloween costume. Achieving the look of Mr. Spock is fairly simple. The basic uniform is comprised of a blue V-neck jumper, a black t-shirt, and black trousers. Wear the t-shirt under the jumper so that it shows at the collar. The most distinguishable features of Spock are his Vulcan ears, eyebrows, and haircut.

You may choose to turn to a costume store for help completing the look of Spock. Pointy ears can be easily bought, however you could also mold your own if you are creative. Draw on dark, sharp eyebrows tilted at a wide angle, or use make up and face paint to add thickness and shape to your own. A suitable wig would probably be the most convincing prop to create Spock’s bowl fringe.

To finish off the look, cut out an Enterprise crew badge from gold card. Stick a safety pin to the back with some tape and pin onto your jumper. You could also choose to affix bands of gold material around the jumper cuffs. All you need to do now is practice your “Live long and prosper.”

No set of Star Trek Halloween costumes would be complete without Captain James T Kirk. The basic outfit is similar to that of Spock. You will need a dark gold/mustard colored V-neck jumper, along with a black t-shirt and trousers. Again, make sure the collar of the black shirt shows under the jumper. To make sure people know you’re the captain, add three silver bands of material around the cuffs of the jumper, along with a silver Enterprise badge.

Captain Kirk’s signature feature is his dashing good looks and swept back hair. Mimic this hairstyle simply using a comb and some hair gel. Finish it off with a good spray of hair spray and make sure you’re flashing that smile and winking all night long.

Star Trek Halloween costumes are a sure fire way to ensure a great Halloween, as well as making a practical, comfortable costume. You want to have the best Halloween ever? Your Star Trek Halloween costume will ‘make it so’. Resistance is futile!

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