Real Estate Photography Can Reap Quicker and More Lucrative Sales

In our current troubled market, agents face competition with hundreds of other homes in the same location and price range. You may think the only way to stand out from the competition is to lower your price. Before taking such a drastic action, try hiring a qualified real estate photographer.

After all, what are the few qualified buyers doing now? They’re looking online for a home. What will capture their interest? Photographs after all a pixel is worth a thousand words.

Just one professional real estate photograph can capture a buyers’ interest and get them to click a link to see more house details and more real estate pictures. Analysts have found the more photos a listing has, the less time it’s on the market and the higher the net selling price of the property is.

According to blog Frank, listings with more photos sold faster. How much faster? Take a look:

1 Photo = 70 Days On the Market Avg
6 Photos = 40 Days On the Market
16-19 = 36 Days On the Market
20 MAX= 32 Days On the Market

And listings with fewer photos sold for less.

1 Photo= 91.2% of Original Price
6 or more= 95% of Original Price

In other words, the number of photos virtual staging accompanying a listing can be worth thousands of dollars. A $300,000 home, using just one picture, can sell for as much as 3.8% less or a loss of over $11,000, than a similar property with more photos.

The three things you must do before having your home shot is:

1. Remove all clutter, this is the one thing that is going to sell your home faster than anything else, it makes it look more spacious and loads more appealing

2. Get the family photos out of there, and I mean all of them.

3. Keep it clean, it needs to look immaculate. Taking the time and trouble to make your place look amazing will mean a faster better priced sale.

According to the National Association of Property Estate Agents, 80% of the people who bought homes in the last year used the Internet to help them find their dream home. They rated real estate photographs as the most important item in their online search.

In addition, The California Association of Property Estate Agents findings show that “Multiple photographs/Sideshows” continue to be the online feature with the highest rating among all online features, followed by “Map/Directions.”

Finally, found that over a 30-day period properties that featured only one photo yielded about five views and 1.37 leads, while listings featured 21 or more images yielded more than 77 views and almost 11 leads. Clearly, the listings that added 20+ real estate photos generated more than 10 times the number of leads and 15 times the number of views.

But beware; poor photography can turn buyers off, providing fewer leads and offers. The differences between real estate photos taken by a professional to those taken by amateurs are startling. Professional real estate photographers use expensive equipment; they also have the knowledge and skills needed to make the property look its best.