Questions to Discuss with an Interior Designer when Remodeling Your Kitchen In Green Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen with green cabinets

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Do you want to create your dream kitchen? You will need to involve an interior designer. You can share your dream kitchen ideas and they will actualize them into a plan.

During your meeting with the interior designer, you need to have a set of questions ready. The questions that you ask need to be specific to allow you to understand the expected results.

Here are some questions that can initiate your discussions.

What is the design process?

This exposes the interior designer and how the process works. This question gives you an insight into the entire design process. You can be a little bit specific by asking about the areas that you want to change. For example, you can ask how the design of green kitchen cabinets can fit in your kitchen space.

What is your experience in designing?

You will need an experienced kitchen designer if you want to engage in full kitchen remodeling. This question is better answered with a portfolio of the interior designer’s previous works. You can also be specific in this question and ask about their past experience in designing a kitchen with green kitchen cabinets. This can help you become confident that your kitchen remodeling project is going to be a success.

How do you prioritize function and aesthetics?

Function and aesthetics are the expected demands of a kitchen space. Any kitchen remodeling should handle both carefully because they are equally important. Your kitchen designer needs to assure you that both will feature in their design. You can have a set of green kitchen cabinets that are functional – that’s how you combine beauty and function.

How do you handle budget constraints?

This is a preemptive question in case you run out of funds during the remodeling process. You need to understand how the designer will handle such emergencies. There is no expected answer to this – you simply have to make a judgment call as to how they will answer you.

How often do you communicate?

Let’s face it, communication is a central element that defines any project. Both you and your interior designer need to have an open channel for communication. Therefore, it is good to ask them during your meeting about their mode and frequency of communication. This will allow you to have an insight as to when you can initiate communication when you want things addressed during the remodeling project.

ConclusionThese are some of the top questions that will help to define the relationship with your interior designer. However, you should already know what you want in your kitchen space and use the designer to get exactly that. Don’t let the interior designer ruin your green kitchen cabinet ideas in favor of what they want.