How To Keep Balloons In Excellent Condition

Hot air balloon rides can be flown all year round as they are durable machines. Summer and spring are usually the most recommended times of the year for hot air balloons as there is less chance of damage to the balloon from the weather. But so long as balloons are kept in excellent conditions, they can be flown throughout winter too! Read on to find out how to keep balloons in excellent condition.

Why Keeping Balloons In Excellent Condition Is Important.

Hot air balloons although durable, need to be looked after like any other machine used regularly. Balloon rides can occur all year round exposing them to all types of weather and wildlife. Like all machines, balloons can become faulty over time so it’s important checks are made of regularly and any repairs made.

Hot air balloons are used for both commercial and private best ballon rides and can carry up to 10 people per flight. Balloons need to be in excellent condition in order to be safe for passengers to board.

How To Check The Balloon For Damage

Balloons should be checked after all balloon rides so any damage can be found and repaired as soon as possible. No balloon should take flight without being in excellent condition otherwise the safety of the passengers is not absolute. Every part of the balloon should be checked separately before being stored away.

The Envelope

This is the biggest part of the balloon and one of the most fragile. The envelope is made from lightweight and strong material such as ripstop nylon, but can still suffer rips and tears. These usually occur from general wear and tear or being exposed to severe weather conditions. At the end of all balloon rides the envelope should be laid out flat and stored in a clean and dry place.

The Basket

The basket should always be fully functional as this keeps passengers safe during balloon rides. After every flight they should be cleaned although there isn’t much else maintenance for baskets as they are usually very robust. The bottom of the basket has a skid plate system attached – as these take the brunt of every landing they can wear occasionally and will need replacing.

General Maintenance

Hot air balloons have to be regularly maintained to remain airworthy and continue to fly passengers. Balloons are usually maintained after a certain amount of time to ensure they are up to the legal requirements for flying. Inspections of the balloon must be carried out by independent companies and occur either once a year or after 100 hours of balloon rides.