How To Develop Effective High School Study Skills

Effective study skills determine a student’s success in his school life. If he knows how to balance his time for studies, extracurricular activities, personal life and play, he will not have difficulty in passing the school stage, especially the stressful high school life. However, most high school students, like most teenagers or young adults, are still less focused and study skills are yet to be cultivated in them. With help from parents and teachers, they can develop effective high school study skills that they can use not only during their high school or college years, but after school when the time comes for them to value time and organization in life. Below are some effective high school study skills that a student can practice and develop over time.

In order for a student to have a good high school study skills, he needs to focus first. You can do this by making a timetable of the things that you need to study on a day to day basis. Get a pen and paper, list down all the topics that needs to be covered. Put a time frame for each subject. Remember to put more time on topics that you are having hardship while in school. Make a rundown of the topics that were discussed in the classroom. Find out how they are related to other topics. Develop an interest to each subject, although a favorite can not be eliminated.

While studying, it will be helpful to develop some reading books for 4th graders techniques. For example, if you are doing memorization, you can build on some acronyms. If your high school study skills can include using some acronyms in memorization portion, you will not have any difficulty at all. Learning to do acronyms will cut down memorization time for almost a quarter or more. But how do you do this? It is easy. It is just like playing a game. For example, pick out the first letter of each item that you need to memorize. Then try to form a funny word out of it. Try to make an association in your mind of those letters and where you took them. During exams or recitations, all you need to do is remember the acronym and you will automatically recall the thing that it stands for.

High school study skills can be enhanced with practice. The students just have to do it repeatedly and it will become a habit that will be hard to erase from their system. The students can develop other techniques which they will feel comfortable in using. Different people will naturally develop different skills. Work on a study skill and this will help you in the future, not only in school but in the workplace as well.