Do You Know The History of Air Conditioning?

The air conditioner has been around for over a thousand years. The earliest type of air conditioning device was in ancient Rome supposedly where the scientists invented it to cool down the buildings. The way the scientists and builders made these air conditioners for the buildings was building cisterns and wind towers. The cisterns were large pools of water and when it became hot the water would evaporate into cool air and then the wind towers would blow the air into the building. Because the buildings were subject to extraordinary heat they had to find a way to cool down the environment.

Even in the 1800’s doctors and nurses used close to the same procedure to cool hospital rooms. Specifically in Florida where an American Physician created an ice making machine that blew air over a bucket of ice to cool the room. Even when one of the Presidents of the United States was dying naval engineers made an air conditioner box that had cloths soaked in ice water blowing by a hot air fan on the president. This procedure lowered the temperature by twenty degrees.

As time moved on air conditioners began to move toward a more sophisticated model. One of the first modern air ac repair in North Myrtle Beach devices was made in the very early 1900’s. During the early stages air conditioners had ammonia in them as a coolant which was a toxic danger. In the 1920’s ammonia was replaced with a different better coolant.

Presently with the help of technology and electricity the boom of air conditioning devices have began to take effect. They have made many aircon units to choose from, from portable, permanent outside air conditioners, residential and commercial air conditioners. With people who have a place that they live and can’t afford residential air conditioning, a portable unit is a key thing to have and requires no permanent installation. The difference from Permanent air conditioning and portable is that with one you can move the cool air where ever you go but with the permanent installation you don’t have that luxury.

With the history of air conditioning and the many ways air conditioners that have evolved, there are great ways to keep anyone cool during the summer. From ancient Rome in the 1800’s to the hospitals where people are sick; air conditioning is a necessity not only during the summer but year around considering how hot it may be.