Destructive Tobacco

If one would be honest, tobacco is one of the best selling consumer product in the globe. It commands armies of loyal buyers and enjoys a quickly expanding market. Tobacco delighted companies earn exorbitant profits, political clouts, even prestige. Its elite customers are victims or preys of eminent death. That is the major problem facing tobacco. Some economist observes that tobacco are among the globe’s most profitable products.

But around the world, millions of people a year-seven every minutes- die from smoking. According to one book published by Britain’s Imperial Cancer Research Fund “mortality from smoking in developed Countries between the year 1950 and 2000” says- the worst is yet to come if the current smoking pattern persist. By the time the young smokers of nowadays reach middle or old age, there will be about multi millions death not less than 13 a year from tobacco-more than one death every 3 seconds.

One Doctor {World Health Organization} even said that smoking is like no other lethal commodities, it kills one in two smokers as result. One Doctor from the department of Public Health at Oxford University say similar thing thus “these findings over 40 years lead to horrible conclusion that one-half of smokers will eventually be killed by their terrifying though”. Since the 1950’s,more than 60 million people have died from smoking.

It is even also a truly terrifying thought to the tobacco companies. If 4 million people each year around the world are now dying from smoking related causes, and many others quit smoking, then more than 4 million customers must be detected yearly.


It is almost 690 different chemical additive used by cigarette manufacturers, but the law permits the companies producing cigarette to keep their lists secret. On the list are heavy metals, pesticides, then insecticides. Some ingredients are so toxic that it is not legal to dump them anyhow. That swirl of cigarette smoke carries with it some Four thousand substances; it includes arsenic,acetone, butane,carbon monoxide, a poisonous flammable gas as well as cyanide. The lungs of smokers and of people nearby are exposed to not less than 40 known cancer-causing things. So if you live or work with those who have addicted to smoking, you may be at increased risk for lung cancer, even hearth disease.

In the early years of last decade {1993}. A study by the USA Environmental Protection Agency widely known as EPA concluded that environmental tobacco smoke was a group A carcinogen, the most deadly one. the EPA blame passive smoke for three thousand lung cancer deaths each year in the United States.The American Medical Association had once corroborated the conclusions with a study it published showing that women who never smoked but were exposed to Environmental Tobacco Smoke {ETS} have a 30% greater risk of developing lung cancer other than other lifetime nonsmokers.

For teenage people, exposure to smoke results in 155,000 – 400,000 cases of bronchitis and pneumonia annually. Smoke worsens asthma symptoms for 210,000 – 1,500,000 each year in The United States of Best pipe tobacco America alone. So the American Hearth Association observed the fact that as many as 45,00 deaths occurs annually from hearth and blood vessel diseases precipitated by Environmental Tobacco Smoke {ETS}. Since protection is better than cure, why not quit smoking then?


The developing tobacco interest have a powerful ally in the United States of America government. Together they have fought to gain footholds abroad, especially in the Orients or in the continents of Asia’ markets. Years back, American cigarettes were locked out of Orients like Thailand, China, Japan, Hong Kong and so on and so forth- those whose their governments had their own monopolies on tobacco products. Anti-smoking groups or People protested imports, but the United States Of America administration brandished apassuative weapon.

One articles in the United States of America titled “News and World Reports estimates the number of teen smokers in the USA only at more than three million {3,000,000}. Daily,up to 5,000 commence smoking and more than a million annually.

A cigarette advertisement features a fun-loving, pleasure seeking cartoon camel,often with a cigarette dangling from his lips.This cigarette advertisements is charged with luring youngsters into nicotine slavery before they comprehend, fathom or understand the health Hazard. About few years of running this advertisement, the cigarette valued almost 75% increase in sales to teenagers. In Medical College of Georgia {USA}, it was discovered that 90% of about six-years olds surveyed recognized this smoking cartoon character.

Another popular cigarette is the free wheeling macho cowboy whose message is, with close reference to what teenage said – “when you are smoking, you are unstoppable”.Obviously, cigarette is the largest selling consumer product in the globe,on the contrary, destroying the life of millions. As an added incentive, coupons come with each of packs, to be redeemed for jeans, hats, jersey that is more prevalent among youth of today.

The glaring message is that smoking brings forth fitness, pleasure, popularity as well as virility “yes”. Advertisements in Asia depict healthy, young athletic types romping on beaches and ball fields while smoking. After spending billions of Dollars on advertisement, tobacco marketers have scored huge successes. A report from one Asia country known as Philippine says “about 28% of people whose age are bellow 18 are smoking. In the South America cities, teenage rate is very astonishing, do you believe, they are 50%. That of Hong Kong is worse for children as old as 7 were smokers.


Those companies that produces these products will never advise their customers to quit tobacco because it was their source of wealth and economy. a source has emerge because of what tobacco companies hails as the liberation of even women. Some women are even smoke in some part of the world especially in the highly developed continents like North America, Europe,Asia {orients} particularly Oceania which also known as Australasia.

Smoking by women has been an accomplished fact for some years in Western lands and is now moving into places where it used to be viewed as stigma. one thing is obvious, Tobacco companies wanted to change all of that. They intended to assist women celebrate their new found affluence and liberation. Special cigarette brands claiming lower tar and nicotine contents lure women who smoke less harsh.

Other cigarettes were of perfume or have a long, slender design-the look that women may hope to achieve by smoking.In Orient, TOBACCO ADVERTISING FEATURE YOUNG, chic Asian models dressed seductively in Western elegance.In China alone,65% of the adult men smoke whereas 10% of women do. Western tobacco companies have their eyes on the LIBERATION of these lovely Orient ladies, millions of whom were so long denied the PLEASURE of their glamorous we3sternh sisters. One large fly in the ointment, though: Government Owned tobacco company supplies most of the smokes.