Cheap Business Card Printing – Should You Use a Company Or a Service?

Because business cards are an integral part of literally every aspect of your business, you need the WOW factor to provide a first and everlasting impression. A high tech full service online printer can provide you with cheap business card printing in full color while guiding you along the way from design and layout to business cards that will WOW your clients and provide you with instant recognition.

Finding a local printer that can help you with designing a business card that is ‘just right’ for your company can be a real chore. Most of the time they have salespeople working behind the counter who are paid to simply take disks with your files on them, ask how many you want printed and tell you that your order will be ready tomorrow by noon. That’s not what you want to hear!

The average company, unless of course it’s a graphic design house, needs direction and tips for creating a business card with instant appeal. That’s called the “WOW Factor” and the right printing service can guide you through the process from layout and design right through to business card printing at prices you can afford, with a finished product that does what it is supposed to do – WOW them.

That’s the difference between a printing company and a printing service. Most printers who provide business card printing are simply there to do just that – print business cards. A full service printer will provide tips and techniques to help you create a finished product that contains all the elements necessary for successful marketing. They are there to guide you every step along the way because, like you, they are in business to provide excellent customer service.

Cheap business card printing doesn’t mean that you will have a card that is anything less than perfect. What it means is that you have found a printing service that has online tools and tutorials to help you create your own cards to say what they need to say, to give you instant recognition and to WOW your clients with graphic design they will be happy to hang on to.

When it’s time to start thinking about business card printing, the first thing to do is learn the essentials. Familiarize yourself with certain terms such as bleed, UV coating, UV Spot Coating and C2S. A good Business Cards Printer service will have explanations along the way so that you know exactly what you need to do when designing your business cards. You will not need to memorize any industry standard terminology; it’s there for you in the steps as you go along with a glossary you can refer to if in doubt. (And of course a customer service rep if you need further clarification!)

In fact, they will have customizable templates you can use to simplify the process for you. Instructions will explain what file formats work best when uploading your images, and even what settings to use in computer graphics software such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator when designing your logo or graphics. There is a real difference between creating graphics in high resolution and converting to high resolution. A good printing service will explain that creating in 300 dpi will give you a realistic view of what the printed colors will look like.

From fonts to file formats, a professional printing service will be there with you every step along the way. Their online templates and tutorials will be user friendly, and they will have customer service reps available to answer any and all questions you may have regarding business card printing from choices in card stock to what fonts will work best. That’s the difference between your average printing company and a printing service in a nutshell. What you are looking for is cheap business card printing with a professional printing service.