Attract Local Network Marketing Leads by Executing a Profitable PPC Campaign

People have been investing in paid traffic since its inception on the Internet. This is a viable strategy for network marketing leaders and builders willing to ‘buy’ their way into financial freedom. Mastering the skill of Pay Per Click will almost guarantee that you have endless leads pouring into your name list or mailing list.

However, most network marketing reps are not adequately clear about how Pay Per Click (PPC) works and they waste tons of financial resource on Google AdWords. If you don’t know how to play the AdWords game well, you face the stark reality of sinking alive in stiff competition.

You need to stay on top of the game. Below are a couple of tips on how you can avoid disappointment when investing into PPC:

Always conduct proper keyword research. This point can not be emphasized enough because the key to PPC treasure lies in identifying the keywords virtual roundtables that make people money. There are so many keywords that you can bid for. You can go for long tail keywords (e.g. making money with network marketing), company names (Amway), symbols and your product name (Bios Life) for instance as the keywords to bid on.

Don’t bid on keywords that are too generic, too short or too competitive like, MLM, network marketing or home based business. The bids on these keywords are too expensive to turn profit and can only be attempted when you have enough experience with PPC.

You only get 3 lines to convince people to click on your ads so the thrust here is to weave a compelling ad. Stating the benefits of your product and outlining these within your headline is also key. If possible, include the keyword in your headline and description because it will be emboldened on the search engine results page. This will catch the prospect’s attention.

Your ads are assessed for performance. Google rewards good ads by granting them cheaper bid prices and penalizes poor ads by increasing their Cost Per Click (CPC). Strive for at least 2.5% CTR or higher so that your CPC will be low.

You must always split test your ads. You must remember that your first ads are not necessarily the best. Always compare one ad with another ad and choose the winner.

Also, when split testing your ads, make sure you disengage content ads placement, ads that appear on publisher’s Google AdSense because you want to split test only on the same playing field which is based on the search engine result page. That way you can gauge properly which ads are performing optimally.